In 1978, Serge Klarsfeld published lists and background information on the succession of convoys deporting French Jews to concentration camps from 1942-4.
Below are the entries relating to the four convoys which transported Goldberg family members in 1942.
This convoy left the Bourget/Drancy station on 14 September, under the direction of oberfeldwebel Möller, destined for Auschwitz. It is confirmed by a telex written by SS member Heinrichsohn, signed by his superior, Röthke. This telex was addressed, like the previous ones, to Eichmann, to the Inspection of the KZ and to the commandant of Auschwitz. From the point of view of nationalities, the Germans listed them: 447 unspecified (the Germans, in their haste to get the convoy to leave more quickly, did not identify the date and place of place, i.e. the nationality), 220 Polish, 85 Turks, 73 Hungarians, 55 Russians, 40 Romanians, 37 French, 19 Germans, 14 Dutch, 8 Yugoslavs, 7 Austrians, 7 stateless people, 6 Czechs, 5 Lithuanians, 4 Belgians, 2 Slovaks, 1 Sarrois and 1 Letton. This list, on peeling paper, is in very bad condition; as with many of the others, a magnifying glass is needed to decipher the numerous names. There are about 640 men and 340 women in this convoy, in which 60 children can be counted (without forgetting those found amongst the 220 deportees whose age has been ignored).
This list is compiled with the help of seven sub-lists:
1. Drancy: Deals especially with Jews resident in Paris; 550 men and women. The details indicated are surnames, first names, dates and places of birth, nationalities, professions and addresses.
2. Last minute deportees: Deals with 83 people, men and women. For the most part, the only details that exist between them, apart from the surname and first name are the camp or village of their internment (Compiègne, La Lande, Poitiers, Nice). A certain number of children are definitely found in this list, because families can be identified, such as four Freiser and four Herzkowitz.
3. Chalons: 20 people of diverse nationalities. One child of 3 years, Gisèle Blech.
4. Toulouse-Montluçon: 140 people, amongst those many families, such as the seven Abisch, including their three children, Maurice (aged 11), Marie (8) and Adèle (5); such as Otto (32) and Suzanne (23) Hauser and their daughter, Myriam (2).
5. Compiègne: 133 surnames and first names without dats or places of birth. This deals only with adult men.
6. La Lande: 57 people, amongst those many families: Felix (38) and Marie (33) Batista and their three children, Fanny (10), Charles (6) and Cécile (3); Maza Reiter (39) and her four children, Hélène (12), Félicie (10), Jacqueline (8) and Marcel (3).
7. Belfort: 25 people, of which there were 8 Dutch. Amongst those, a baby of one year old, Dora Topelberg.
On their arrival at Auschwitz on 16 September, 58 men were selected, who received numbers 63898 to 63953, and 49 women, who received numbers 19772 to 19820. The rest of the convoy was gassed immediately, with the exception of the men who were selected before arrival at Auschwitz, at Kosel (see end of note on Convoy 24). One of the survivors, Ernest Nives, who lives today in New York, confirmed to us that, having left on this convoy, he was selected with over a hundred fit men at Kosel.
In 1945, to our knowledge, there were around 45 survivors of this convoy.
Translated from the French by Saul Marks. Source: Klarsfeld, S (1978), “Le Mémorial de la Déportation des Juifs de France”, Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, Paris. No ISBN.